Venture Capital Firms


Culver has accumulated two decades of experience working with Venture Capital firms. We have experienced first hand the natural ebb and flows in the Venture community and the similar oscillations in the credit markets with regards to availability of credit to growth companies with venture capital equity sponsors.

Benefits of Working with Culver

  • Our team is an essential advisor to any VC’s looking for alternatives to equity financing.
  • We offer efficiency feedback on the likelihood of obtaining debt financing given the merits of the borrows (portfolio company)
  • Our team offers the critical experience and experience relative to the forward funding progress which act as the blood line for all venture funded companies.
  • Culver Credit Advisors offers an essential extension of your fund’s existing fund raising efforts for your portfolio companies.
  • Focus on leverage of equity dollars – the ability to increase a portfolio companies cash run way with an alternative to debt can be non-dilutive

Case Study

In this example…

Firms we have worked with:

  • New York Life
  • Klay B&T


“Working with Culver Capital Advisors was a great experience.”

- Bill Johnson, CFO, Klay B&T