Commercial Banks


  • What to do when a current bank customers has been declined?
  • Borrowers currently in forbearance – “Asked to leave the bank”
  • When the bank is unable to provide the best fit lending product

Benefits of Working with Culver

  • Quick access to experience to determine if client as “alternative” options to best support the client banking relationship.
  • If the relationship manager can’t find a solution, then can direct the client to a solution outside of the bank
  • Culver protects the existing depository relationship.
  • Where not referral Culver directly into the transaction, the client may find themselves working with another banking institution whose mindset would be to move the clients entire banking needs to their banking platform.
  • With Culver this is protected and Culver’s best fit financing approach can be seen as an extension of your bank’s services.

Case Study

In this example…

Firms we have worked with:

  • New York Life
  • Klay B&T


“Working with Culver Capital Advisors was a great experience.”

- Bill Johnson, CFO, Klay B&T