Our Approach

“Delegating your capital raise to ‘the professionals’ is the secret to success.”

Funding sources have unpublished Underwriting Criteria which is used to efficiently evaluate the numerous opportunities presented to them. Culver’s experienced professionals have a deep understanding of these criteria and work to carefully shape each clients needs to each funding source’s requirements and obtain the lowest capital cost for our clients. However, capital cost is not the only factor in finance as loan covenants have major impact yet are not revealed until well into the process. Culver’s knowledge of lender covenants at the start of the funding process insures the best possible outcome for each client, far beyond what clients can achieve self directed in the complex capital markets. (To read more about “the professionals”  click here)

Our Process

How can you tell "the professionals?"
Professionals work under three types of assignments:
  1. Known sources and criteria with robust working history
  2. Known sources and referrals but exploring for fit
  3. Open search for a possible source.
Professionals know what they do not know and it should be clear in shaping the engagement what type of assignment is possible. The stronger the earnings, the greater the options and the assignment value tends toward negotiating expertise. The weaker the earnings or documents, the more the assignment value tends toward mining the data for value and fit.
The Value Equation
Engaged firms such as Culver Capital Advisors provide value to their clients by providing expertise that very few CFO's possess, but that is only half the equation. Funding sources have more deals than funds and work best with the best. Committed clients that are pre-vetted by professional representation receive the greatest attention in the least amount of time. This in turn provides clients the most options and lowest cost. Executives often engage Culver Capital Advisors for the express purpose of making sure the capital markets have been fully explored.
Our Approach
"Bringing efficiency and transparency to the process."
Operating as an extension of the CFO's office, we put together the strongest presentation of the company’s current financial position as well as bringing an in depth understanding of the business model. This is crucial in streamlining the overall approval process with the lender, as we package our transactions to suit the lender’s individual credit needs. The final term sheet is always issued directly from the lender. We then work with our clients to assess the options relative to a client's stated financing objectives. Senior management can be assured with third party validation the optimal financing has been secured.